This Week at Deep Springs: 4-20-18


Hello Deep Springs! Hope you had a great week and hopefully this weekend you’ll find time to peg it up. The weekend starts off on the cool side with the possibility of some patchy frost. Fingers crossed, but I believe this may be it for lows in the 30’s. We are officially a month into the spring season and yet we’re still dealing with frost and highs in the 60’s. Looking ahead to May, June, and July, as far as temperatures the ‘experts’ are predicting a below average May and an average or slightly above average June and July. During the same timeframe, they are also predicting precipitation to be above average. With the prolonged cooler weather, hopefully that will keep the threat of Atlantic hurricanes down or below normal. So, what does that all mean for us? Basically, it just means we will continue to be patient and do our best to help the turf with the transition. Since it appears that May will be cooler than normal we will more than likely not be as aggressive with our cultural practices in May than we originally planned. That means we may not go as deep with our verticutting, aerify greens at 1/4 inch tine instead of 1/2 inch tines, adjust/lower mowing heights at closer increments, etc. However, things can change at a moments notice and we will adjust as the season adjusts.

While we hope for warmer days ahead, this past week it was business as usual for the TurfCare staff. The week started off with a quick cleanup from the storm that brought several tornadoes surrounding Deep Springs. Fortunately, we did not suffer any damage other than a few limbs down and washed out bunkers. The course received over 1.5 inches of rain, but with the windy days that we had the course was able to dry out by Wednesday. With the warmer weather last week, the tees and fairways continued to green up and and yesterday we were able to mow all tees and fairways to help with the transition. Also, we dragged the fairways to clean them up from the recent storms we have had, break up up the matted layers to give them some sun exposure and help with greening up, and  help the mowers give a consistent clean cut. After dragging and mowing them we then ran the blower on them to get off all unwanted debris off the fairways.

Phil blowing #10 fairway
Brandon dragging #15 fairway

I’ve had a few of you ask about when we would be getting our new maintenance equipment. I will say that the next step in the process is the delivery of the new equipment and the pickup of the older stuff. The order has been submitted to our local Toro distributor and hopefully we can start taking delivery of items soon. We will be receiving new greens and tee mowers, a new fairway and rough mower, a new greens roller, a new bunker rake, and several utility carts(including a cart that I can use to do more than the current golf cart that I use). There are a few existing pieces that we will keep and rollover on our new lease. Those pieces include a trim rough mower and a utility cart. We are certainly looking forward to getting this package delivered as it will make our job a lot easier and more efficient. I’ve added some pictures below that show what we will be receiving.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Off the course we also did some work with our tennis courts. Over the years the tennis courts have been neglected. Recently, we have had some interest in tennis at Deep Springs and so we spent this week cleaning up the courts. With help from Eden YMCA’s tennis pro, Bitrus Istifanus, we will be applying clay material to the courts and smoothing out the surface to playing condition. Once we get the courts where they need to be then we will maintain them like they should be.

Cleaning up the tennis courts
Tennis courts are getting better. We’ll be applying new clay material soon and give it a nice smooth and consistent playing surface.


Finally, remember on April 30th-May 6th visit You will notice on the Golf Channel and on social media the ads that I’ve been putting on my blog for the past few weeks. In case you are new or haven’t visited in the past month, you can bid on courses from all over the US that you could only dream of playing. Those proceeds will go to fund turfgrass research that will in turn help the game of golf. So, go to the website above or click on the picture below to help our universities continue research on issues that me and countless others deal with daily.


I’d like to thank you all for adhering to our cart path rules, fixing ball marks, replacing divots, and raking bunkers. While we are transitioning from a wild winter it’s these little things that go a long way. You are our biggest ally and along with that we put our best foot forward each day to give you a consistent product daily. Feel free to email me for any question or comment,




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